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Shrink sleeve foiled product is a good choice for small and medium quantity orders, to test your market with your new product, with your new brand and/or new flavour. Fast production time, 360 degree full photo quality design and low minimum quantity orders are the advantages of this technique.
IF you looking for beverages, or energy drinks  - we can do a final product in PET bottles
from the design artwork to ready goods.
If you already have a blank / semi-finished product and just need a sleeve foil on it, we can help you too...

We fill your requested beverage liquid into blank PET bottles, and we cover it with a shrink sleeve foil - which printed with your own design. Own production is avaialble from 3000 pieces. You are able to choose 8 kind of standard energy drink liquid, or 3 kind of carbonated beverage if your quantitiy is between 3.000-50.0000 pcs.
Custom flavours/ingredients developing and filling into PET bottles are available from 50.000 pieces.

First Step - Drawing your artwork

An important part for a succesful story - to make a good artwork for your product, for your campaign, or for other activities. An eye-catching design is the first moment when your customer meet with your product. Then taste it, and decide -to buy it or not... So need a good design for your product, made in an appropriate format.

Second step - printing, cutting your shrink sleeve foils

Once the requested product has been choosed, and the nice design has been created, then we print, cut,
and glue the sleeve foils to be ready for apply them onto your PET bottles.

Third step - placing the foils onto blank PET bottles and shrink it to get final product

Once the custom printed foils are ready, we apply the onto blank PET bottles, than send it through a steam-tunnel machine,
and the sleeve foils are wrapping on the PET bottles.

After the wet-heating process has been finished - we get the requested final product: The shrink sleeve foiled energy drink or beverage, or food supplement. Then we pack it to trays or cartoons, and your goods are ready for transportation.

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