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As one of the leading manufacturer in Hungary of quality beverage products, Bringer is a major player in the industry with it's contracted factory. We’ve been supplying PET bottled beverage products in 0,5L 1L 1,5L 2L and 2,5L bottle sizes. Carbonated or still kind - soft drinks, energy drinks, mineral waters, sport drinks, ice teas, functional drinks, ect. - are all available in our range. We supply local and global companies from years with more than 200 different products. Developed an excellent reputation with our partners. We owned 6 separated filling lines for PET bottled beverage and mineral water production - with more than 3 million pieces bottling capacity per each and every day...
Factory size is: 100.000 sqm.

We are happy if you choose us for supplying you with private label or custom branded products.

Private label PET bottled beverage production

As our company’s pride and joy, our PET bottled products are our #2 best-selling product category. Made with very good quality base materials. And with one of the lowest prices in the industry, we’ve captured the hearts and minds of our customers.

Advantages of PET bottled product

Hungarian mineral water is far-knows it's first class quality and good taste. We are offering private label water products in different sizes. Sparkling or still waters, flavoured kinds or standard ones are also available at our factory.

Requirements for create a new PET bottled private label product

Appropriate design needs to be presented by Customer in a correct format
Minimum order quantity: 50-100.000 pcs depends of the size of the product
Requested amount investment: 20-45-000 EUR for start your own project
First production time with labels: around 4 weeks - once the requested design,
flavour, ingredients has been negotiated.

If you have more question please call

 00 36 20 405 1448