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City Energy Drink brand is owned by an Austrian company. Production is covered by BRINGER. International sales handled by us and a brand owner too.

Here we would like to give a short introduction to this brand, the existing products, and a sales possibility for new partners to connect our distribution channel worldwide. Standard and sole partnership - both are possible - but the terms are different. But let's start the story with that nice product.

The brand was launched in early of 2017, but the preparation of the flavours already started in 2016 in a long way, due we would like to make a nice, tasty and unique product to distinguish it from the competitors.

When figuring the final colours and other parameters of the drinks, we tested many different kinds, but finally, we found the right one.

The slogan of the brand: FEEL THE VIBE shows the way of its communication. The rhythm of a city, the churning of the people who did amazing things day by day makes our world better and better. Feel the Vibe of the city, connecting the nice people around you and makes your life better... - That is the key to our CITY community.

We connect the City Energy Drink with music, and more and more singers, young music stars gathering to our team.

The vibration of the city, pulsation of the modern life, happiness with friends, good music, freedom and the necessary and unique City Energy Drink taste.

City Energy Drink 

The first product of that brand was The City Energy Drink Vibe - the blue one. It's a tutti-frutti flavoured type, targeted for boys/man. It sounds common, but the flavour is a little bit different than the average. The used special ingredients make this product unique and uplift it from the baseline to a premium one. 

City Energy Drink Vibe


The second product was the City Energy Drink Secret - the pink one. Amazing lime-pomegranate combination. It's created mainly for the ladies, but many of the opposite gender like it also. Sourish but not too much. Sweet but not as like the others, so it's really individual in the energy drink market.

City Energy Drink Secret


Both products were made with mineral water, fine ingredients, and the final result is more than very good... 

Excellent tastes and attractive design help sell these energy drinks for our partners.

Available languages on the cans: English, Hungarian, German, Italian



Sales of the City products are already started in several countries. We have a distributor in Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Nigeria and Ghana.

If you interested in to distribute / import City Energy Drink to any different country then the above-listed ones, we are open to negotiating the possible co-operation with you. 

In that case, we would like to know more about you, about your company, current business activity, sales plan, starting and annual quantity what you could cover, and what help you need for this - besides the product.

So in such a case, If you interested to become our sales partner in your country, please fill the form below, give us enough information about you, then let's see what can we do together for reach our mutual targets in your country. Once you send the below form - we will give you feedback less than a week.

Thank you.

City Energy Drink

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