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Bringer is the official agent company between merchants / customers like you and our factory which is the biggest in Hungary at private label energy drink and beverage production segment.
We produce more than 100 million canned beverage each and every year, which is growing, processing standard and custom projects, and exporting our goods to around 40 countries.
Besides that, we also producing PET bottled items too for the major chain stores, importers across Europe in high volumes.

BRINGER works for you to change the whole and complicated process of establishing a new product - for an exciting journey.

We offering part or complex services - considering your range of interests:

  • new product development service includes new flavours, ingredients or effects research
  • design planning for the upcoming product(s)
  • product manufacturing, filling, co-filling, bottling, packing services
  • distribution services with road, rail, sea - or with combined shipping method.

We know what issues you may have, what services mostly you are looking for...


Try our service - and you will be satisfied with Bringer.

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