Welcome to Bringer Export

Welcome to the export site of Bringer Import Export Ltd.

Bringer is an official sales company of several, well-qualified Hungarian factory. We are envolved in exporting original Hungarian beers, vodka, palinka, liqueur, sparkling wine, wine, and other alcohol items, carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, energy drinks, soft drinks, active water, sport drinks for export markets – in competitive price, and short delivery time. We also develop private label products.  Fast production, good prices, and the famous Hungarian quality. That is why we are exporting our Hungarian national products worldwide.

In the NFI section ( Non Food Items ) – we provides a wide range of international FMCG products with favorable prices, short delivery time, and continually stocks.
Gilette, Ariel, Schauma, Dove, Nivea, Palmolive, and many other products are available at Bringer.

Brands what we are handling: Szalon beer, Royal Helles beer, Bernstein beer, Radler beer, Watt energy drink, Sconto fruit drinks, Ice gold ice tea, Sconto cola, Sconto orange, La viva drink, Veritas gold mineral water, Queen  cola, vitalade sport drink, l-carnitine drink, Alaska vodka, Corso Verona, and private label drinks.

One of our main product category is the beers. Bringer exporting many kinds of lager beers, fruit beers, and others in 500ml can – which brewed in Hungary. Beers what we are exporting: beer, lager beer, cheap lager beer, beer in can, beer in glass bottle, canned beer, bottled beer, beer in keg. So if you looking for beer manufacturer, beer importer, beer exporter – Bringer can helps you all time.

Vodka products: We have original vodka, flavoured vodka, Alaska Vodka, Moiszejev vodka, cheap vodka, premium vodka, lemon vodka, peach vodka.

Ice tea products: ice tea, cheap ice tea, lemon ice tea, peach ice tea, sconto ice tea, ice gold ice tea, ice tea with sweetener, ice tea with sugar, ice tea with green tea.

Sport drinks: L-carnitine drink, sport drink, fat burner drink, vitalade drink,

Beverages: cola drink, orange drink, cola manufacture, cola manufacturing, cola in can, canned cola, sugar free cola, orange drink, orange soft drink, soft drink with sugar, soft drink with sweetener.ginger drink, carbonated soft drink, non carbonated soft drink.

BRINGER – exporting Hungarian beverages, and international Non Food Items.